Advanced qPCR


Advanced qPCR

This course aims at advanced qPCR users and discusses how to set-up, perform and report a quantitative PCR experiment: from primer design till the analysis of the amplification data and their presentation in a scientific paper.


A typical course day runs from 8.30 to 17.00 hrs and consists of lectures, hands-on computer exercises and a laboratory practical.

Scheduled dates

Edition 1: December 8, 9, 12 and 13, 2022

Edition 2: June 29, 30, July 3 and 5, 2023

Target audience

PhD candidates. Experience with qPCR experiments, basic knowledge of molecular biology (DNA, primers, PCR) and basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel is required.

Study Load

20 hours, which is comparable to 0.7 ECTS points.


After the first basics on RT-PCR, mathematics and statistics, the participants attend lectures and perform hands-on computer exercises on primer design, analysis of amplification curves, using reference genes, removal of systematic between-plate variation and stastistical analysis of the final data.

In computer hands-on the participants will be introduced tot the LinRegPCR analysis application, both the Windows and web-based version. The laboratory exercises include the pipetting of two PCR plates by the participants. The results of this exercise will be analyzed, corrected for between-plate variation and discussed in the final section of the course. A guest lecturer will discuss and demonstrate a new web-based application and melting curves data.

Number of participants

Maximum 20 per course.


Attendance is registered..

Course Coordinator

Dr. M.J.B. van den Hoff


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