Data Analysis in MATLAB


Data Analysis in MATLAB

Do you need to analyse and plot your measured data? Are you tired of manually processing many files? MATLAB is a general computer program designed for flexible calculations on data and is used by many scientists. In this course you will learn the basic setup of the program and its scripting language. After the course you are able to write basic scripts to process your data and make plots and images. Also you learn to use more advanced scripts and toolboxes. If you bring your own data to the course, we can help you getting started with loading and displaying your measurements.


The course is given in one week on five afternoons (13.00 – 17.00).

Scheduled dates

Edition: 14 thru 18 November, 2022

Edition: 22 thru 26 May, 2023

Target audience

PhD candidates who wants to learn more about the application Matlab. No prior programming skills are required, although it is an advantage. Partipants can prepare themselves prior to the course using provided online training material.

Study Load

20 hours, which is comparable to 0.7 ECTS points.


Topics covered are:

- Matlab Gui & Help, Workspace, editor, documentation

- Basics: calculations, arrays, matrices, statements, strings, structures, cells

- Visualization: graphs, plots, images

- Programming: scripts, cell-mode, debugging, functions, SPM-batching

- Data: save/load data, data management (file listing, copy/move, spm_select)

- Other advanced exercises

Number of participants

Maximum 25 per course.


Attendance is registered..

Course Coordinator

Dr. ir. M.W.A. Caan

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