Entrepreneurship in Health and Life Sciences


Entrepreneurship in Health and Life Sciences

The course provides an overview of the essential elements of entrepreneurship and innovation as well as a practical guidance for starting an innovative company in the field of Health and Life Sciences. Using an interactive approach, the course offers tools and the opportunity to develop a business case and aims to raise your interest in becoming a (life science) entrepreneur yourself.

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The course consists of two sessions (09.00 – 17.00 hrs), with interval of several weeks between the sessions.

Scheduled dates

Edition: 10 May and 7 June 2022

Target audience

Amsterdam UMC PhD Candidates

Study Load

42 hours, which is comparable to 1.5 ECTS points.


The course is a combination of lectures and workshops covering the essential components of entrepreneurship. Participants will be working in assigned teams for the duration of the course, where each team will work on a business idea. This idea is preferably (but not necessarily) based on an opportunity/innovation from your own research (product, service, process etc).

Throughout the course, you will learn about what it takes to be an entrepreneur within the Health and Life Science sectors, and how you can create economic and social values with your own startup.

At the end of the program, each team will get an opportunity to pitch their case to a jury panel that will judge the proposition and award €500 prize for the best pitch.

Content details:

On day one, participants are welcomed to the course and have time to meet their teammates to introduce themselves and share their initial business ideas (if they have any).

We will start off with a lecture on the intellectual property aspects in the Health and Life Sciences businesses. After, there will be an idea generation workshop where you will be challenged to work on an idea, followed by an interactive workshop on designing a business model for your business using the Business Model Canvas tool.

Day one will finish with a pitch training workshop to prepare you for the pitch competition and learn all the tips and tricks to deliver your best pitch!

The second day will start with some allocated time for you to work as a team. After, we have a problem validation workshop, where you will learn the importance of product-market fit. Following, you will have the opportunity to meet an entrepreneur within the health or life sciences. After lunch, there will be a session on how funding works within the Health and Life Sciences sectors, and how one can attract capital.

In the afternoon teams will continue to work on business cases as teams, and the 3-minute pitches will be prepared.

The day ends with a “Dragon’s Den”-like pitch competition in front of an expert jury panel.


Day 1

Lecture: Commercializing emerging life science technologies.

Workshop: How to come up with a startup idea.

Workshop: Business Model Canvas - theory and practice.

Workshop: Pitching a business idea - tips & tricks.

Day 2

Team work: Teams meet to align and work on their business model.

Workshop: Problem Validation: how to validate your business idea.

Lecture: Guest company, meet the founder.

Lecture: Funding in Health and Life Sciences.

Pitch competition.


Participants are encouraged to come up with a business idea before the course starts; however, this is not a requirement to participate. You can also choose to talk with your team to develop an idea together. Possible idea sources: your own research (product, service, process, etc), a need/gap spotted on the market, etc.


During the pitch competition on day two the jury panel will select the winning team who will receive a €500 prize for the best pitch according to the criteria.

Number of participants

Maximum 30 per course.


To qualify for the certificate, a participant must have been present at all sessions of the course. Attendance is registered.

Course Coordinator

Dama Huerta / ACE Incubator / dama@ace-incubator.nl

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