Laboratory Animals Science (Animal Welfare)


Laboratory Animals Science (Animal Welfare)


Note: The Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School is not the organizer of this course. You are therefore referred to the provider. 

The Laboratory Animal Science course (LAS or "Cursus Proefdierkunde"), to obtain an art. 9 certificate, focuses on the respectful and responsible use of laboratory animals in biomedical research and on the legal constraints thereof.

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Questions? Please contact the course coordinator Willeke Jong / ARIA-IWO I.0B-110 / / tel. +31 (0)20 - 566 1824 or +31 (0)6 - 22 59 44 57.

The course is given in English

Classroom, due to COVID the next editions will take place online

The LAS course integrates species-specific knowledge on mice and rats with basic topics in laboratory animal science. 

Teaching methods include: lectures, practical's, e-learning, discussions, interactive longitudinal tasks, group work, a guided tour, and mixed forms.

The LAS course runs two times a year (in the 1st trimester and in the 3rd trimester), during a three week period with 16 to 26 participants.

Course dates:

30 January thru 10 February, exam on 17 February 2023

2nd half 2023 (September/October), tba

Target Audience:
Researchers who will design and manage research projects and procedures which include animal experiments.

Those holding a LAS course certificate from one of the member states of the EEA outside the Netherlands may be exempted from certain modules and the corresponding parts of the exam, depending on details of the course followed, as well as on the assessment by the Dutch authorities.

The modules Dutch Legislation and Ethics are obligatory at all times.

Prerequisites for admission to the course.

Basic biological knowledge at a level of 18.75 ECTS (=500 study hours), including at least 7.5 ECTS on organismal anatomy/zoology and 7.5 ECTS on physiology. Thorough and active command of this matter must be demonstrated in a written entrance test.

** EC = European Credits (European Credit Transfer System, ECTS) One week of full-time = 40 SBU or 1.4 EC.

Study load:

110 hours, which is comparable to 3.9 EC

ECTS points:
3,9 points

The Laboratory Animal Science course (basic course including species-specific course on mice and rats) costs 1850 euro for participants from AMC, UvA, VU, VUmc, KNAW and NKI. External participants pay 2025 euro.

Following the modules Dutch Legislation and Ethics only costs 330 euro.


2025 per externe deelnemer
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