Language courses (UvA Talen and INTT)


Language courses (UvA Talen and INTT)


Note: The Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School is not the organizer of this course. You are therefore referred to the provider. 

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UvA Talen: You can check all languages and starting dates on

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UvA Talen’s Dutch evening courses, for example, consist of one or two classes a week, and start four times a year. For those who want to improve their language ability in a short period of time UvA Talen offers (semi-)intensive daytime courses, starting each month. Besides Dutch, there are eleven other languages to choose from, including English, Spanish and Chinese. UvA Talen also offers e-learning e-learning through The Language Academy, which includes realistic Amsterdam-based videos, audio clips, online exercises and also an option for an Online+Teacher package.

In addition to regular language courses, UvA Talen offers tailor-made programmes designed to suit specific needs and individual schedules. These include industry-specific corporate courses and individual programmes aimed at medical Dutch. Special offers for tailor-made programmes are available for AMC/AMR employees. Find out more on

The INTT offers Dutch courses at different levels of varying intensity to students of the University of Amsterdam and other highly educated foreign language speakers, both at daytime and in evening classes.

Study load:


ECTS points:
variable (28 working hours is 1 ECTS)


UvA Talen offers an exclusive 15% discount on all group courses for AMC/AMR employees. To claim your discount, use the promotional code AMC22 when registering. Once you have enrolled, you will be asked to provide proof of your right to a discount by showing your student card or staff ID card.

INTT offers reduced fees for PhD candidates. You need to prove that you are connected to the University of Amsterdam.

Short course description:

UvA Talen, the independent language centre of the University of Amsterdam, offers a wide range of fast-paced and lively online and in-class courses in 12 different languages, ranging from elementary to advanced levels. During these courses students work on their general language skills, and systematically and rapidly build up vocabulary.

Additionally, the Institute for Dutch Language Education (INTT) offers a wide range of Language and Culture courses for foreign students and staff. They are also open to educated foreign language speakers who are not planning to pursue any other course of study at the University of Amsterdam. The INTT, part of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Amsterdam, advises faculties and institutes of the UvA and other organisations in the field of Language Acquisition. The INTT also provides in-company trainings and private lessons.

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