Research Integrity


Research Integrity


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Research Integrity course


56 hours

ECTS points:
2 points

€ 0,0 (for Amsterdam UMC PhD Candidates)

Short course description:
What does it mean to do ‘good’ research and to be a ‘good’ researcher?
What does it mean to act ‘professionally’ and with ‘integrity’?
How can we approach moral dilemmas experienced in research?

This VIRT2UE PhD course for Research Integrity will explore these questions and more. The course follows a blended learning approach. PhD students undertake series of short interactive eLearning modules as preparatory assignments. Over in-person sessions covering two days, PhD students are guided through a series of structured dialogical exercises for fostering reflection on scientific virtues, and how to promote understanding of the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, which is the primary guidance document on research integrity for academic institutions in Europe.



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