Searching for a Systematic Review


Searching for a Systematic Review

This is a introductory course for developing search strategies in Medline and Embase via the Ovid platform. By the end of this course the participant should be able to know: 1. the difference between a background and foreground research question; 2. the overlap and differences between Medline and Embase; 3. proximity/truncation/wildcard operators; 4. sensitive and relevance searching; 5. developing basic and understanding in-depth search strategy in Medicine and Embase via Ovid.

To know more about searching Literature please read this document:

Guide Searching for Literature (please scroll to end of page)


The course consists of an online presentation and an interactive workshop. The goal of this course is to provide PhD candidates with an understanding of search strategies, and the skills needed to build a basic search strategy. The goal is not to become a proficient information seeker and the assistance of an information specialist during a systematic review process is still recommended.

Scheduled dates

Edition 1: workshop: September 9, 2022

Edition 2: workshop: February 24, 2023

Edition 3: workshop: May 26, 2023

Target audience

PhD candidates in the process of performing or planning a (systematic) review. Participants are (strongly) advised to have basic search experiences (see Guide for Searching Literature).

Study Load

2.5 hours, which is comparable to 0.1 ECTS points.


Lecture: a presentation on subjects mentioned above

General assignments to discuss during the workshop

Number of participants

15 per group


Attendance is registered.

Course Coordinator

F.S. van Etten-Jamaludin

More information


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