The course programme offers training to develop scientific skills, acquire transferable skills and broaden and deepen scientific understanding. Each Amsterdam UMC PhD candidate follows an individual training programme. The course programme can help PhD candidates in conducting independent, original and scientifically significant research, and critically evaluating their own work and that of others.


  • Registered Amsterdam UMC PhD candidates may apply at any time for one or more courses, first login (upper right corner) than sign in for the preferred courses
  • External courses will show an URL to the profider with more information, the Doctoral School is just referrer
  • Unless stated otherwise, the Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School courses are offered free of charge for registered Amsterdam UMC PhD candidates
  • The general introductory course "Amsterdam UMC World of Science" is highly recommended for all new Amsterdam UMC PhD candidates. This course should preferably be taken during the first year of research. The other courses can be taken in any order
  • All courses are taught in English, in case the course is in Dutch this will be mentioned

Access to the PhD Courses

Registration is a requirement for participation in the course programme.
AMC/UvA PhD candidates should be registered at the Doctoral School.
VUmc/VU PhD candidates should be registered in Hora Finita and the Office of Doctorate Affairs must have approved the registration.

Attendance and cancellation

After confirmation of your enrolment, attendance at all sessions is compulsory.

  • Notice of cancellation of attendance of the full course is possible until two weeks before start of the course
  • Notification of planned absence to a session must be given two weeks in advance
  • Notification of unavoidable unplanned absence must be given as soon as possible

Participants must make up missed sessions through independent study and missed sessions cannot be taken in a subsequent course.

Unannounced absence, avoidable unplanned absence, and notice of cancellation received too late is registered as warning.

Participants who have received two warnings are excluded from any further courses of the Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School

Code of Conduct

  • Pagers have to be switched off during course sessions and cell phones must be switched to silent
  • Participants are expected to arrive on time for all sessions
  • Attendance is registered and participants must sign the attendance list upon arrival at each session
  • A certificate will be issued based on sufficient attendance
  • At the end of the course or session an evaluation form must be filled in


A few courses have compulsory examinations. In case of a failing grade, PhD candidates are allowed only one re-examination (resit).

Not sure which courses to follow?

  • Please first check if your research institute has compulsory courses
  • You may also check the PhD Competence model and let the outcome guide you in your choice of courses
  • The PhD Candidate Advisor will discuss the planned training programme of AMC PhD Candidates during their intake appointment
  • At the start of your PhD trajectory, you should compose your Training Plan and contact the counselor of the research institute for approval

After application

The application is confirmed by return e-mail within a few days.

Enrolment will be in order of application up to the maximum of participants. Applicants subsequently refused admission will be assigned to the first available course edition.

Three weeks before the start of the course, PhD candidates registered for the course are sent a formal invitation by e-mail to participate. From then on, attendance at all sessions is compulsory (see "attendance and cancellation").

To avoid unnecessary priority lists and cancellations, we ask you to apply only for those courses you are sure you can follow in the upcoming months / year.